Sunday, 30 December 2012

The Obligatory Introduction

I'm getting quite sick of writing these, and those familiar with my previous blogs may be experiencing a similar sentiment; that is, that they are sick of reading them. For both our sakes I shall briefly explain my reasons for the creation of this new little project, and why hopefully this won't limp off after a few installments. The concept here is not to write a 'blog' as such, but to house any artistic endeavour I should so please to pursue. To put that less irritatingly, the issue with my previous blogs was that they were quite limited; I grew bored with my last as I felt limited to merely complaining about things, and besides that, I never really liked the idea of a blog anyway. Though this website will indeed contain some posts that are quite bloggish, I plan to refrain from 2000-word rants and instead write a range of things- reviews, shorter diary-like entries, perhaps even the odd short story or poem. Of course, as is always the case, it is far more likely that I'll get bored after a few days and just leave it. In fact, I'm getting a bit bored now, so bye.


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