Monday, 23 December 2013

A Wright Christmas

Drop comments below, if you dare.

Here it is, the sequel to 'Elliott: a Short Film'. Naturally, it's a Christmas special. More of the same. Quite cynical, really.

Merry Christmas!


  1. This video is shit, Your last video was also shit. You think you're funny and you're not. you're an offensive, egotistical idiot.

    oh and by the way "the disabled don't like Christmas" ? I have a friend who can't walk you stupid fucking twat. I dare you to go up to someone who can't walk and re-tell that "joke" to them. See how much longer you can walk for

    Oh and before you start calling me out in your next video, and saying my comment means nothing, then telling me how you got 3 As on your A levels and an interview for Cambridge let me tell you this. When I took my A levels, I took 6 in total and got As on every single one of them, I then went on to get 2 honours degrees, both of which I passed with a "first"

    Stick THAT in your video and smoke it.

    Your videos are just so horribly cringe-worthy I had to take 4 breaks while watching them.

    Put some more effort into your jokes, learn how to edit rubbish out of your videos, stop using copyright material, don't be such a ponce to your classmates (a few of which I know, that's how I found your video) and maybe you'll get somewhere in life.

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